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Global Freight Audit

Auditing freight invoices and managing payments is an enormous task. Many carriers are notorious for poor invoice accuracy and mis-rates. Global Trade Link is offering multiple solutions to ensure accurate and timely freight payments. GTL can oversee the entire process or act as a plug in to handle certain specific tasks. With extensive knowledge and expertise Global Trade Link will ensure that all payments are freight payments are processed at the right time and with 100% accuracy.

Due to underlying carriers’ policies and regulatory environment freight invoices are complex by nature. They require special attention and sophisticated workflow process. Global Trade Link can design a customized and partially automated workflow to ensure efficient and accurate handling.

The automated workflow can include, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Digitizing hard copy invoices;

  • Audit of invoices and charges to identify duplicates;

  • Audit of charges for contractual compliance;

  • Process of balance dues, corrected and exceptional invoices;

  • Allocate specific expenses;

  • Electronic payments to air, land and ocean carriers;

  • Present information on freight invoices, audits and payments. 


Global Trade Link freight audit services result in numerous benefits to customers. Reduced paper handling and filings result in time savings. Those savings, in turn, allow company to dedicate more time to other business functions requiring more attention.

An average freight audit reduces freight costs by 3%. Valuable data derived from freight invoices can be used for in-depth freight cost analysis which can result in more efficient use of business credit, impact carrier selection, enable to implement cost control measures when required.

Please contact us to inquire about our Global Freight Audit solutions.

Supply Chain Analysis

The purpose of Supply Chain Analysis is to identify areas in which supply chains can be reshaped or improved and design solutions that result in reduced costs, enhanced service capabilities, reduced or controlled risks and overall improvements to the process.

Global Trade Link (GTL) uses a combination of sophisticated modelling, simulation, data analysis and benchmarking tools to examine your Supply Chain and re-design weak areas to make them more efficient.

GTL analyses the entire supply chain in effort to identify the key areas of optimization, such as:

  • Reliability: Finding ways to make the supply chain as consistent as possible;

  • Resiliency: Ability to withstand and recover from extraordinary situations;

  • Responsiveness: Making the supply chain to adapt quickly to changing circumstances;

  • Lead Times: Ensuring the most efficient end-to-end process time is adapted;

  • Costs: In-depth examination of all costs to find ways to reduce them;

  • Packaging Solution: To lower operating costs and reduce or eliminate damage or loss risks;

  • Sustainability: Ensuring that current operations can meet long-term goals.


Global Trade Link looks at logistics data as well as physical assets involved in the supply chain, whether it is a real estate, warehouse network, data management, 3PL or carrier selection. 

Whatever the business is, if it involves the supply chain, we are confident that our Supply Chain Analysis will deliver real value and help to move it forward.

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