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Таможенное Оформление

Global Trade Link (GTL) recognizes an utmost importance of seamless customs clearance for every importer.

A licensed custom broker, GTL is offering importers and exporters a full range of services to secure uninterrupted movement of merchandise across the borders and ensure timely delivery.

Global Trade Link customs brokerage services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Import and Export Declarations: Filing of all required customs declarations to ensure uninterrupted movement of the merchandise.

  • Security Filing: Involves advance notification to regulatory authorities at destination countries to allow for pre-screening of the merchandise.

  • Duties & Taxes Advancement: GTL can secure payment of all applicable customs duties and fees on behalf of the importer to ensure timely handling and release.

  • Other Government Agency Services: GTL assists with preparation and filing of all necessary forms and documents required by other government agencies, such as Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture and others.

  • In-Transit Movement: GTL can handle all customs formalities for merchandise moving between customs territories, such as Bonded Warehouse or Free Trade Zone, and arrange bonded in-transit movement within a single customs territory.

  • Permits and License Applications: GTL provides professional support in applying for any special permits and licenses.

  • Additional Services: GTL offers a range of additional less common services such as Duty Drawback Processing, Excise Duty Handling, Foreign Trade Zone, Bonded Warehouse and more.


Regulatory compliance requires attention and resources. With years of experience GTL is assisting numerous entities worldwide to overcome regulatory complexity and ensure full compliance across the board. Global Trade Link is offering their knowledge, expertise and around the clock service to ensure effortless customs clearance for all our customers.

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